Instructions for use

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ARPI instructions for use:

  • 1 Position roller clamp about 6” from All Position Drip Cup (APDC) & close clamp. Insert IV Administration Set with APDC into fluid bag port (A).
  • 2 Slide spiked fluid bag into the inflation sleeve open end with its label toward the clear plastic & fluid bag ports extending at least 3/4“ beyond curved edge of clear plastic.
  • 3 Slightly loosen CO2 cap. Remove CO2 red cap safety clip (B).
  • 4 Hold Auto Regulated Pressure Infuser (ARPI) in one hand & clockwise tighten CO2 cap firmly until sleeve begins inflating (C).
  • 5 Move the air bubble in the IV fluid bag to the ports by elevating that end of the ARPI with one hand. Release regulating roller clamp allowing all air to leave bag and fluid to fill tubing and APDC until it ceases to fill and begins to fill tubing. Close regulator clamp.
  • 6 Fill the APDC to the fill line by positioning with the ball down and neck up. Pump the soft neck until fluid fills to the fill line. Open regulating clamp and allow fluid to fill the entire tube set and set desired drip rate.

To change the IV bag when emptied:

  • 1 Pull out red indicator to full extension, twist and set, decompress bag, then reset red indicator.
  • 2 Remove the bag from pressure sleeve. Remove the spent CO2 cap. Install new CO2 cap & safety clip. Follow steps 1-6.