MIVS Auto-Regulated Pressure Infuser (ARPI)


The MIVS ARPI is the product of more than a decade of research and development. The FDA approved Class 1 medical device is designed to provide a constant pressure of 5 PSI on the attached pressure sleeve, replicating the force of gravity on an IV fluid bag suspended at a height of 39-44” above the heart. The ARPI will maintain this pressure through the duration of the infusion, regardless of the placement of the unit. When used with MIVS Administration Sets, the MIVS system can even be placed beneath the patient if necessary, while providing a constant flow of fluids at a rate up to 2.5X faster than a conventional IV.

It is the ARPI’s unique ability to provide this self-regulated and constant pressure that makes MIVS the ideal solution for the rapid infusion of IV fluids in emergency and non-emergency scenarios. In a mass casualty situation, the MIVS system serves as a force multiplier, allowing medical personnel the ability to safely and rapidly administer multiple IV’s without the need for constant adjustment or the requirement to find a way to elevate the fluid bag.

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